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Story of a 285 pound unhappy-with-himself-and-worried-about-his-health guy that needed a life change. After being inspired by Ben Davis's "120 Pound journey", I started running, being smarter about my daily caloric value and obliterate the use of excuses to hold myself entirely accountable for my own life.

After a mere 3 months of running, my passion for running and physical activity suddenly awoken my thirst for challenges. So far, I finished multiple 5Ks, 10Ks and finished my first half-marathon after a mere 4 months of running.

I recently registered to a Full Ironman that will be on August 19 2012.

I have what it takes - And I will succeed.
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He’s a shadow of his former self and he couldn’t be any happier about it.
The fact that Ottawa’s Kevin Middlemiss will run in the Ottawa Race Weekend’s half-marathon this Sunday shows just how far the former couch potato has come since that morning a few months ago when he decided he had to change his life.
Now 51 lbs. down from his original weight of 285, he’s well on his way of reaching his goal of an even 200.
“I just woke up one day and I was unhappy with the way that I looked,” he said at the kickoff for the race weekend Friday at the Ottawa Convention Centre.
“I realized how I was going up the stairs and how I was out of breath, so I was due for a life change. I went online and started watching motivational videos and saw how Ben Davis lost 120 lbs. by running. I figured I’d give it a try and I fell in love with the sport.”
The 26-year-old Middlemiss smiled when asked how the first few weeks felt.
‘It was a challenge’
“It was a challenge, definitely. But I went on my own and did my own thing and increased my distance every week.”
He’s now running up to 18 km, almost the 21-km distance of the half-marathon he hopes to complete in two hours and 20 minutes.
Certainly, it will be a big step up from the 5-km races he’s completed so far, but he’s ready for it.
“It’s incredible the amount of accomplishment you feel when you finish a race or even just a simple run. You feel so good about yourself. It’s milestone after milestone. You get to another point in your journey and you’re like ‘Wow, I did it.’ ”
Things were different not long ago.
“I didn’t have the drive until I woke up that morning and knew I wasn’t happy. I decided to drop the combination of excuses, so whether it’s raining, too hot or snowing I’m going to go out and I’m going to run.
“When you’re not happy, that takes over you. As soon as you change your life and you can’t wait to start your day or you can’t wait to end your day with a run it helps you so much. It’s been great.”
About 40,000 runners will participate this weekend.

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Wow, a full page article in today’s paper as well? I was a bit overwhelmed to say the least when I woke up to this along with all the comments on FB. Thank you everyone for the love. I had to give a promote Ben Davis as well too.. too bad he didn’t put his website in the article.

Thank you everyone, YOU ARE THE BEST!

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